Portugal Vs Spain: Which offers the most benefits to live?

If you’re thinking about moving abroad, there are many reasons to consider Portugal and Spain. Both countries offer excellent quality of life, beautiful landscapes, friendly locals, and affordable living costs.

But which country offers the most benefits?

We are often asked this question when foreigners are looking for real estate online. They start to search for properties in Spain or Portugal and quickly get lost due to a lack of information. The purpose of this article is that you take your time and do not make any hasty decisions.

We provide the most important factors to consider and what you need to know before buying Portuguese / Spanish propertying

Here are some things to consider when deciding between these two popular destinations.

1. Cost of Living

Costs vary widely across Europe. The cost of living in Portugal is lower than in Spain. However, the cost of living in Portugal tends to be slightly higher than in Spain if you are living in the biggest cities like Lisbon or Porto.

2. Taxes

Taxes in Portugal tend to be higher than in Spain. This means that residents pay more taxes, which may affect their ability to save money. However, when investing in real estate and if you are a non-EU citizen, you might qualify for one of the Golden Visa programs both countries possess, which have been in high demand in late years.

Our association has made different partnerships with local consultancy firms that are specialized whether in the Portuguese program or in the Golden Visa Spain scheme.

3. Safety

Safety varies greatly across Europe. Although crime rates are relatively low both in Portugal and Spain, they aren’t something completely ignore. From time to time appears in the news, some sort of violent crime occurring.

4. Jobs

Jobs are plentiful in both countries. However, jobs in Spain are typically more stable than those in Portugal, perhaps due to the fact that the country suffered greatly from a recession in the previous decade. 

5. Education

Education options in Portugal and Spain are very wide, including for foreigners. In addition, both education systems are considered to be among the best in Europe.

6. Climate

The climate in Portugal is generally milder than in Spain. However, it can also rain quite heavily, especially in the north of the country.

7. Lifestyle

Lifestyle is another factor to consider when choosing where to move. It’s hard to beat the lifestyle both in Portugal and Spain. People here enjoy an active social life, great food, and fantastic beaches.

Which one should you choose?

So which country is really the better choice? Well, it depends on who you ask.

Portugal has a reputation for having beautiful beaches, friendly locals, and delicious food. However, Spain boasts a rich history, amazing architecture, and a thriving nightlife scene.

For me personally, I love living in Portugal because it feels like home. But if you want to spend your days relaxing on the beach, surrounded by warm weather and sunshine, then Spain is definitely the place for you!