Package com.wiley.posa3.partialacquisition

Interface Summary
MessageQueue MessageQueue provides an interface for a message queue to be used in implementation of the Active Object pattern.
Properties Properties provides an interface for capturing network element properties.
Request Request is an interface of commands to be handled by the active object asynchronously.
ThreadManager ThreadManager provides an interface for managing a group of threads.

Class Summary
Client Client creates a TopologyManager and uses that to fetch the details of all the NEs.
Details Details contains all the information about a network element.
FetchNEComponents The FetchNEComponents class contains the main logic for retrieving the details of the components of the network element.
Scheduler The Scheduler runs in the active object's thread of control.
TopologyManager TopologyManager is responsile for managing the network topology and is the primary interface to be used by clients for fetching NE details.

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