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Reactor Class Reference

#include <Reactor.h>

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Public Member Functions

void register_timer (TimeBase::TimeT time, Event_Handler *handler, Lease_ptr lease)
void unregister_timer (Event_Handler *handler, Lease_ptr lease)

Static Public Member Functions

Reactorinstance ()

Detailed Description

Reactor is the implementation of a event demultiplexing and dispatching functionality. It also allows for registration for timer events. Registered timeout handlers are notified about the expiration of the timer by invoking their on_timer_expire method.

Michael Kircher

Prashant Jain


Member Function Documentation

Reactor * Reactor::instance  )  [static]

void Reactor::register_timer TimeBase::TimeT  time,
Event_Handler handler,
Lease_ptr  lease

Allows handlers to register for timeouts.

time When the timout should occur.
handler The handler to register.
lease The associated lease.

void Reactor::unregister_timer Event_Handler handler,
Lease_ptr  lease

Allows to unregister handlers based on the lease as unique ID.

handler The registered handler.
lease The associated lease.

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