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Memory_Pool Class Reference

#include <Memory_Pool.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Memory_Pool (std::size_t block_size, std::size_t num_blocks)
void * acquire (size_t size)
void release (void *block)

Detailed Description

Memory_Pool implements memory management functionality for using the Eager Acquisition pattern.

Michael Kircher

Prashant Jain


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Memory_Pool::Memory_Pool std::size_t  block_size,
std::size_t  num_blocks


block_size Size of the memory blocks to be managed.
num_blocks Number of blocks to be eagerly instantiated.

Member Function Documentation

void* Memory_Pool::acquire size_t  size  )  [inline]

The acquire() method tries to find a free memory block. If the requested size is too large, an exception is thrown.

size Size of the memory block to be acquired.

void Memory_Pool::release void *  block  )  [inline]

The release() method puts the returned memory block back into the list.

block Memory block to be freed.

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