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LookupService_Impl Class Reference

#include <LookupService_Impl.h>

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Public Member Functions

 LookupService_Impl ()
 ~LookupService_Impl ()
Lease_ptr bind (const CosNaming::Name &name, CORBA::Object_ptr object, TimeBase::TimeT duration, LeaseHolder_ptr lease_holder) throw (InvalidDuration)
void cancel_lease (Lease_ptr lease)
TimeBase::TimeT prolong_lease (Lease_ptr lease, TimeBase::TimeT duration) throw (InvalidDuration)
void on_timer_expire (Lease_ptr lease)

Detailed Description

LookupService_Impl class wraps the CORBA Naming Service. After checking for an acceptable duration and creating a corresponding lease, the actual binding is delegated to the standard Naming Service.

Michael Kircher

Prashant Jain


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LookupService_Impl::LookupService_Impl  )  [inline]

LookupService_Impl::~LookupService_Impl  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

Lease_ptr LookupService_Impl::bind const CosNaming::Name &  name,
CORBA::Object_ptr  object,
TimeBase::TimeT  duration,
LeaseHolder_ptr  lease_holder
throw (InvalidDuration) [inline]

Associates a name with a remote object and stores that association. Additionally, a lease duration and a lease holder to be notified are passed.

name The name to be used to identify the remote object.
object The remote object to be registered.
duration The lease duration.
lease_holder The lease holder to be notified on lease expiration. @ return Lease_ptr A pointer to the created lease object.

void LookupService_Impl::cancel_lease Lease_ptr  lease  )  [inline]

Cancelling a lease.

lease The lease to cancel.

void LookupService_Impl::on_timer_expire Lease_ptr  lease  )  [inline, virtual]

Invoked on lease expiration.

lease The lease is used as Asynchronous Completion Token [POSA2].

Implements Event_Handler.

TimeBase::TimeT LookupService_Impl::prolong_lease Lease_ptr  lease,
TimeBase::TimeT  duration
throw (InvalidDuration) [inline]

Prolonging a lease for a specific duration.

lease The lease to prolong.
duration The new duration to prolong for.
TimeT The actually prolonged duration.

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