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Lease_Impl Class Reference

#include <Lease_Impl.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Lease_Impl (TimeBase::TimeT expiration_time, LookupService_ptr lookup_service, const CosNaming::Name &name, LeaseHolder_ptr lease_holder)
void renew (TimeBase::TimeT duration) throw (InvalidDuration)
TimeBase::TimeT get_remaining_time ()
void expired ()
LeaseHolder_ptr get_lease_holder ()
CosNaming::Name * get_name ()

Detailed Description

Lease_Impl is the class that implements the "Lease" object. It shows shows how a lease could be implemented. The lease will be created by the lookup service. It maintains the association between the name used to register and the lease holder.

Michael Kircher

Prashant Jain


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Lease_Impl::Lease_Impl TimeBase::TimeT  expiration_time,
LookupService_ptr  lookup_service,
const CosNaming::Name &  name,
LeaseHolder_ptr  lease_holder


expiration_time When is the lease expected to expire.
lookup_service The lookup service where the remote object is registered with.
name The name which has been used during the registration.
lease_holder The lease holder object to be notified when the lease expires.

Member Function Documentation

void Lease_Impl::expired  )  [inline]

Invalidates the lease.

LeaseHolder_ptr Lease_Impl::get_lease_holder  )  [inline]

Returns the lease holder

The lease holder.

CosNaming::Name* Lease_Impl::get_name  )  [inline]

Returns the name of the remote object, as registered.

Name Name of the remote object.

TimeBase::TimeT Lease_Impl::get_remaining_time  )  [inline]

Query for the remaning time of the lease until expiration.

TimeT Time until expiration.

void Lease_Impl::renew TimeBase::TimeT  duration  )  throw (InvalidDuration) [inline]

Renew the lease for the given time.

duration The duration of the lease.
InvalidDuration The duration was not acceptable.

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